Lessons Offered

My lessons are usually one-to-one private lessons. No matter your goal is to take exams, auditions, competitions or just as a hobby, my lessons are tailor-made to suit the abilities and needs of each individual.

♪ Piano (All levels)

My studio is equipped with one Grotrian upright piano and one Steinway grand piano. Both pianos are hand-made and highly responsive to touch. They are from Germany and New York respectively.

♪ Piano Pedagogy (All levels)

Other than preparing for pedagogy certificate / diploma exams, consultation sessions are also available for teachers.

♪ Music Theory (Preparatory to level 10)

15-minute theory lessons may follow the piano lessons.

♪ Harpsichord (All levels)

My studio is equipped with one double-manual Franco-Flemish harpischord made by Marc Ducornet in France.