From time to time, I am invited by music schools and music teachers' associations to present workshops. Currently, I offer the following topics:-

Effectiveness + Efficiency = EXCELLENCE
(A Bag of Tricks for Piano Teachers)

In this workshop, I will share tips and tricks on various aspects of piano teaching. These ideas and teaching skills were gathered from many renowned musicians and pedagogues and assimilated by me who finds them effective and efficient. Many topics will be touched upon and the keys to solving many challenges in teaching will be offered. Participants will learn many physical and mental approaches to enlighten their students.

From Conquering to Caressing the Piano

In this workshop, participants of various levels and degree of readiness are welcomed. Be it someone overcoming some hurdles or someone performing soon, ideas will be shared to bring one's music-making to a higher level of artistry.

Strategies for Brilliant Results -
An Extraordinary Guide to Preparing Students for Exams and Competitions

In this workshop, insights and tactics on guiding students to prepare for exams and competitions will be shared by a teacher with years of success.